Vision, Mission and Values


At ESEL, our MISSION is to be a centre for the creation, development, transmission and dissemination of nursing culture and science, aimed at excellence and innovation. This is put into action through: a) Human training in its cultural, scientific, technical, ethical, aesthetic and professional aspects; b) Developing the discipline and practice of nursing through fundamental and applied research; c) Developing autonomy, innovation, leadership and responsibility for lifelong learning; d) Providing services to the community from a mutual development and enhancement perspective; e) Participating in national and international cooperation projects in the field of nursing and health that contribute to the country's development and to bringing people closer together.

Our VISION integrates an idea of Institution, within Higher Education Institutions, with the aim of presenting itself as a generator of value, competitiveness and innovation, both in Nursing Education and in Research. Making this a reality will allow us to be: - A benchmark institution in nursing education, both nationally and internationally, namely in Portuguese-speaking countries and in Europe; - A comprehensive, innovative and plural School, aggregating knowledge and differences, acting in mutual respect and seeking sustainable answers to the challenges of higher education in Portugal and Europe; - A pillar in the development of knowledge in Nursing and the nursing profession, as well as its assurance within other partner professions in the health area; - A School deeply rooted in the social fabric, ethically, culturally and scientifically committed, where participation and citizenship in all its dimensions and services are encouraged, with a strong commitment to serving the community and maintaining direct relations with it; - A School capable of learning and teaching, training nurses who are recognised as excellent professionals during their professional development journey.

The achievement of the mission and vision is underpinned by the VALUES listed below, which identify us and define the way we relate to the community and its partners:

  • Responsibility - To encourage the assumption of individual and collective responsibility towards all those who interact with ESEL and the citizen in general; 
  • Ethics - To promote ethical behaviour within the educational community and encourage respect for the standards and values of the profession;
  • Intellectual freedom - To promote cultural, scientific, technical and artistic creation, guaranteeing free expression and plurality of ideas and opinions;
  • Innovation and excellence - To foster innovation and excellence, both in solving problems and in formulating and implementing policies, as well as in the development of the educational process;
  • Cooperation - To promote joint and united action, in close connection with the community - its policies and options are based on needs and geared towards the achievement of sensible health outcomes;
  • Openness - To promote continuous openness to the outside world and adaptation to the technology, information and communication capabilities;
  • Citizenship - To encourage overall training and citizenship geared towards solidarity, democracy and participation.