The Academic Management Centre is responsible for the management, organisation and provision of services, from enrollment to certification, of all the training provided at ESEL, seeking to offer an excellent service that is innovative and integrated into the institutional strategy.

The services provided include academic activities carried out within the scope of a student's journey, from application to awarding them with their diploma, including registration, issuing certificates and declarations, changing their assessment type, absences, awarding special statutes, registering for special period exams and exams on alternative dates, registering for isolated curricular units, launching accreditations, recognitions, registration and foreign qualification equivalence certificates, changing their specialisation areas/courses, internship report deadline extensions, as examples of the most common activities.

It is also responsible for providing its service to the public in person and by telephone, managing electronic correspondence with students and abroad, preparing statistics concerning students, organising and updating the student’s individual files. 


Opening Hours


According to Dispactch nº82/PRES/2022 , concerning the resumption of face-to-face activity in ESEL, the opening hours of the Academic Management Centre are as follows: the Academic Management Centre should, preferably, be contacted via the following email address: or via telephone: 21 791 34 00.


Attendance in Person: 

Tuesdays from 10h00 to 12h00

Thursdays from 14h00 to 16h00


Video call attendance by TEAMS platform

Wednesdays from 14h00 to 16h00

Fridays from 10h00 to 12h00


The attendance via TEAMS takes place by appointment through the Booking platform, available at:  


Important! For this purpose it is necessary to be authenticated through ESEL's email: It is not possible to make appointments through personal email.


1st step: Authentication

2nd Step: Select, according to the available calendar, the day and time for the appointment

3rd Step: After making the appointment you will receive in your institutional e-mail a confirmation message with all the details (date and time) of the appointment. In the same email will be provided a link for the purpose of alteration or cancellation of the appointment.


We also remind you that you can contact the Academic Management Centre through the email address: or by telephone: 21 791 34 00.

Coordinator / Manager

Dra. Cátia do Vale


Director of academic manegment and traning services

 Dra. Alexandra Tavares de Moura



CG and AR Campuses


Institutional contact: