Level recognition

Level Recognition (can be requested at Portuguese Public Universities, Portuguese Public Polytechnic Institutes and non-integrated Higher Education Institutions, provided that these Institutions offer the degrees/diplomas to be recognised)

ESEL may award level recognition to holders of a Nursing Degree or Master's Degree, in the areas of training it provides.

It is the act that allows for recognition by comparability, individually, of a foreign higher education degree or diploma as having a level corresponding to an academic degree or diploma of Portuguese higher education.

Level recognition is required from a public higher education institution that confers the degree or diploma in that area of training, specialty or branch of knowledge and can be requested with or without a final classification on the Portuguese classification scale (if you request the final classification after an initial request, it is subject to an additional payment).

The award of level recognition implies the issuance of a certificate that only identifies the degree and the final classification in the Portuguese classification scale, if requested.

The information presented here does not dispense with consulting the applicable legal diplomas, as well as the page of the General Directorate of Higher Education to check which type of recognition is actually applicable.