I want to be a CIDNUR researcher

Who can be a member of CIDNUR?

All doctors, masters or graduates who carry out scientific activities that can be integrated into the Centre's Research Groups can be CIDNUR researchers.

How are researchers admitted as members of CIDNUR? The admission of researchers as members of CIDNUR is carried out through the examination of applications by the Coordinating Committee of the Scientific Council. Therefore, any researcher who wishes to be a member of CIDNUR must complete and submit the application form via the link on this page.

Before filling out the application form, we recommend reading the CIDNUR Researcher´s Guide,

which describes the rights and duties of CIDNUR members, some procedures and deadlines inherent to the Centre’s operation, the criteria of scientific productivity that will be considered, in addition to the fields present in the form, facilitating its submission.

CIDNUR Member Application Form