In order to achieve its objectives and fulfill its mission, CIDNUR is responsible for:

  1. Developing research studies on nursing and health in general.
  2. Providing consulting and research services contributing to the local, national and international development of nursing, health and society.
  3. Contributing to the discussion arounf evidence-based public health policies.
  4. Supporting the dissemination of nursing and health research studies in general among the scientific community and other sectors of society.
  5. Hosting postgraduate training projects in nursing, aligned with the Centre's research groups.
  6. Promoting the R&D culture at ESEL and partner institutions, through the dissemination of information, the involvement of students from the various study cycles in research projects, the organisation of scientific and training events, cultural sessions, among other initiatives.
  7. Stimulating collaboration with other national and international structures from different scientific areas, including integration in project teams and networks.
  8. Disseminating R&D funding sources and opportunities for participation in a consortia of R&D institutions among the CIDNUR members.
  9. Monitoring the submission of project applications for public and private funding by its members.